Dedicated Team

Dedicated development team for your project

The Webberry integrator provides development teams for implementing projects based on the TYPO3 platform from the time of initiation, at the design and development stage, and for technical support during the trial operation phase. The team is managed according to the methodology of the company-customer and reports for the work done in the established format. The control of the development process can belong to both the representative from the client side and from the management of the company Webberry.

In cases where the project development takes more than six months, has a complex information structure or requires preliminary design of the architecture, it is possible for the system architect, business analyst or lead developer to leave the office of the customer from our office. In some countries it is possible to meet with a local representative of the company. For more information please contact us.

Service includes

The dedicated Webberry team is provided with all the necessary hardware and software for a stable workflow on the project. In addition, together with the team you get:

  • Access to a team of technical specialists with experience of 5 years in the field of web development.

  • Conducting internal trainings on working with new tools and methodologies.

  • Our experts use the best practices and recommendations that are used in the TYPO3 Association for website development.

  • Reservation of dedicated specialists under the project work schedule for the customer's company.

  • Develop an individual motivation scheme for a dedicated employee and team member's personal effectiveness.

  • Regular quality control of the tasks performed by the team member and overall team assessment.

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