Technical support

Long-term maintenance and technical support of projects based on TYPO3 and NEOS

Service includes

We care about the comfortable work of the client with our team. To this end, we have implemented a number of global techniques and maintenance practices and multi-level support. We offer for our clients:

  • Reduction of delivery terms and quality of results on the project

  • Increase the availability, reliability and security of Internet resources critical for the operation of the company or a separate unit

  • Justification of the cost of quality of the services provided, satisfying the requirements of business, customers and users

  • Optimization of tasks and reduction of the share of alterations under the project

  • Roles and responsibilities within the service department, the integration of service processes and accounting performance measures

  • Improvement of the resources used, continuous learning from the experience of previous tasks and projects

Website maintenance

Technical support and maintenance of the resource development


Services are provided on the basis of subscription services with a monthly fee according to the selected package of services or "on demand" at the time of the need for the service. Technical support services are provided for a minimum of 6 months.

$ 130 per

Customer support, assistance in solving non-typical tasks. Consultations on site management.

$ 520 per

Consultations, content management, technical support of the project at the level of the system's capabilities.

$ 780 per

Management of team development, follow the SEO strategy, visualization of content, technical support of CMS and website hosting.

$ 1300 per

Complex support: hosting, SEO, front-end, system, content and design with maximum responsiveness and high priority tasks. 

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Service guarantee and delivery

ITSM on the basis of ITIL regulates the work of specialists, defines areas of responsibility and authority, quality criteria and control mechanisms.

Customer Needs

The process organization of service delivery and the availability of performance parameters agreed in the service level agreements allows us to provide quality services, measure and improve their quality.

Service Desk

Tech support is the main point of contact for customers using a dedicated ticket system. The client receives a monitoring and informing tool about the progress of the tasks.

Hosting Service

Configuration, maintenance and optimization of hosting systems based on the Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Bitnami etc.

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