Project management

The internal business processes of the company Webberry are built and debugged the most convenient way for partner relationships and cooperation in the back office format. This robot format is not suitable for customers with "no idea" who do not have a vision of their own product or an awareness of the expected result.

The optimal teams method

Optimized teams for projects is main goal. Team members are selected according to their expertise and roles, which can be performed by each of the participants throughout the project. Roles and expertise are different concepts in the context of web integration. One expert is able to perform multiple roles on the same project. & nbsp; This approach in the work gives a number of advantages for the customer.

  • The method of minimum team completion - the roles are combined according to expertise and carried out by a minimum composition throughout the project.

  • The maximum presence of a specialist on the project - all participants are immersed in the project and work in it in full or primary employment.

  • The maximum efficiency of decisions and the return for the project are thought-out and proven solutions and monitoring of implementation by the specialist.

  • Teams of minimum configuration effectively conduct internal communications and do not require additional control.

  • Such a command is easy to scale and include a new specialist for the zone of responsibility without loss of overall performance.

  • The method of minimal command completion provides an ideal balance of cost and quality of work.

Our approach
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